About Olympia

"Within this beautiful land of Greece lies Olympia"

Olympia is one of the brightest gems of the jewel of ancient Greece. Here in Olympia, Greece's unspoiled womb, where nature and art join their forces for beauty, men in the ancient times rang the bells of peace and forget the bolding among the nations.
Here in the sacred land of Olympia where gods and legends live for ever, the famous Olympic games were held for the first time in 776 B.C. and went on until 393 A.D.
Their aim, to archieve a balance between the mind and the soul ( A healthy mind in a healthy body).
Here in the Messopotam of Olympia was build the greatest School of education and youth and it was here that the strong body of youth, beauty and strength was worshiped.
Young men from the entire Greek world came to complete with each other to win a wreath made of a branch of the sacred olive tree, a symbol of Peace and Gallantry (the prize of the games was only an olive tree wreath, no money was given to the winner).
It was here that for the first time the Sacred Truce was established. After the announcement of the Truce wars and hostilities ceased for a period of three months throughout the entire Greek world.

Museums And Archaelogical Sites

Archaeological Museum
Archaeological site
History Museum of the Olympic Games of Antiquity
Museum of Contemporary Olympic Games
Monument to Pierre de Coubertin
Temple of Epicurian Apollo
Temple of Aphrodite
Ancient Ilida
Medieval Castle Chlemoutsi
Palace Nestor

Sightseeing And Cultural Events

International Festival of Ancient Olympia
International Olympia Film Festival for Children and Young People
Alfeios River Festival
Monastery of Sepetou
Festival of Ancient Ilida
Music Festival at Chlemoutsi Castle
Equestrian Equestrian Exhibition
Local festivals
Kremasti Monastery

Nature And Activities 

Alfios River
Activities in the valley of Olympia
Kato Samiko Beach
Baths Caiaphas
Water sports in Ilia
Neda waterfalls
Zacharo Beach